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Stunning French Doors

  • Multi-Chambered Profile Offers
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • High-Security Yale Shootbolt Locking Mechanisms
  • Constructed From 100% Lead-Free, Recyclable Materials
  • Benefit from Window Energy Ratings of up to A+12
  • Manufactured in EU Manufacturing Facilities
  • Double-Action Gaskets for Optimum Weather-Sealing

French Doors Dublin

Embrace the Continental Flair of French Doors

The best multi-purpose door is the French Doors. They can be used indoors or outdoors and make a great addition to any conservatory. Their wide opening allows you to enter your home in plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air as a seamless way to connect your home and garden.

Windows Depot are expert French door installers who add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property style, making them a great choice for both modern homes and more traditional properties.

Advantages of French Doors

There are a variety of advantages to having a brand new Windows Depot French door installed. For example, the large glass panes allow plenty of natural light to enter your home while remaining highly energy-efficient too. It makes them the perfect choice if you love having a good time with your family and friends, as the doors open out to establish unrestricted access.
These doors, mirroring traditional French designs, were manufactured not only to look highly desirable but also to perform efficiently. Noise insulation will improve, safety will increase and your home temperature will increase as the WER of our French doors traps warm air inside for a warmer atmosphere during the winter months.

Thermally Efficient French Doors

Thanks to the multi-chambered profiles used to design them, our French doors are extremely thermally efficient. Warm air is trapped inside the chambers of the model, keeping your property safe for longer. This is supported by the wonders of modern double glazing present in the glass panes that adorn your new product too. When mixing this with the new double glazing, in no time can your home become more cosy and more cost-effective. Contemporary glazing uses intricate technology of vacuum sealing to create a space between the two glass panes which heat can not pass through. A clever thermal barrier then automatically makes your home colder, reducing your dependence on central heating.

French Doors Prices in Dublin

Look no further than Windows Depot, if you’re looking for a quote on elegant French doors. Not only do we work with industry-leading profiles and strong-quality materials, we also make sure that they are available at an incredible price and have a number of great offers to sell. Call our teams today! You should also head over to the pricing engine in Dublin before you go. It is user friendly, no-obligation and completely free. All we need is a couple of details on your home improvement project. Our system will then calculate your request and on some brand-new French doors you’ll get a quick and tailor-made quote.

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