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UPVc Double Glazed/Triple Glazed Windows from Osborn Glass

We offer double & triple glazed windows UPVc which are standard Energy A ratings. We are in a prime position to provide standard installations in Dublin

Our replacement windows from UPVc offer style, safety and quality to suit every property. Our Energy A certified windows are made locally with standard high-security locking mechanisms (to BS7950), hinge safety, outer frames and sashes reinforced with steel, all in a wide range of handle and frame colours. We sell glass or a variety of Georgian bar types embellished with gold. These energy-efficient frames not only help you save heating money but also reduce outside noise.


Our double glazed UPVc windows are available in a variety of designs and models. Each window is custom made to suit the needs of your home. Both our windows are regular glazed internally and are fitted with multi-point locking and hinge claws. We offer side hung and top hung opening boxes with options for restrictor friction hooks (key for child safety) and easy clean hooks for hard-to-reach panes.

All first floor bedrooms are fitted with fire escape hinges. Another stylish feature that Osborn Glass likes to give is fair lines of sight, which helps balance the look of your windows using Leaded or Georgian glass decoration. All the goods can be upgraded to a kite mark ‘ free by nature.’

UPVc double glazed windows are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, complementing your property’s theme. We sell white glass, as well as wood-grained* finishes from Rosewood, Cherrywood, Irish Oak, Black and White. Using any color from the RAL color chart, we deliver custom powder coating.

The current building regulation for replacement windows requires an energy rating of at least C. As standard, Osborn glass supply is the higher rated A energy window. Triple glazed windows now provide an option to improve energy saving.

Depending on your preference our windows will be glazed with regular transparent or obscure Pilkington glass. It can be used in many different types of decoration. You can add that personal touch by applying lead, Georgian bar or even stained-glass design to the window. Please see our Glass and Glazing page for the range of options.

tilt and turn upvc window

uPVC Tilt and Turn windows in Ireland

If you want your windows to provide quick ventilation then the best bet would be to choose the tilt and turn window system. Such windows have a dual purpose-like a fence, you can swing them and tilt the top for ventilation. UPVC Tilt Turn Windows is popular for its energy efficiency and durability. We are not resistant to crashes though durable. When you think fixing your broken UPVC window is the only way to fix it, then you were all wrong.

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